Times are tough, so it is understandable that affordability is at the top of many people’s list of priorities. However, Odendaal says a big mistake that is often made when buying furniture, is to base a decision only on price and it ends up costing more – you compromise important attributes of inherent excellence.

He says if you calculate the cost of replacing low quality furniture every two to five years, instead of every six to ten years, it will end up costing more in the long-run. “Buying furniture is financially the most viable when seen as a long-term investment.”

  • Breathable

Natural materials such as linen and leather go hand in hand with luxury and are known for their breathability. Due to the porous nature humidity is absorbed, so you don’t sweat in summer.

  • Flame resistant

Natural fabrics are usually more expensive, but also more flame resistant and won’t melt, giving you extra peace of mind.

  • In shape

Quality fabric and padding will keep its original shape for many years. Stretched and buckled upholstery looks tatty and is uncomfortable to sit on.

  • Ages well

Elegant leather grows in value over time. The fabric molds to the body’s shape, changes colour and can get the worn, old-world look that turns it into a unique collectors’ piece. 

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