What Is A Console Table?

You may not have realised the functionality of a console table and why you need one in your home. Read on as we discuss the many wonders of a single console and how it would pair nicely with your home decor items.

When space is compromised 

You need more space! With limited floor space, you will find a console table useful as it has multiple drawers and surfaces for you to store plentiful of small items and reads. Most console tables are slim so fret not as they will not take up much space.


The commonplace to situate a console table is in the living room, under the TV set. Some unconventional places includes entry way, where the perfect console table will set the tone of the house and leave a great first impression for your guests. A console table with the right height can also transform into a tabletop desk for your home office or as a bedroom vanity.

Unlike ordinary console table, a quality console table is uniquely curved on its sides to give multiple dimensions. Due to its curved body, the elegance of the table is further heightened.

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