Most of us are guilty of sitting in front of the TV to eat our dinner at some point. However, some studies have shown that sitting together at a dining table is great for your health. Not only can it help to bring people together and improve family relationships, but it can also help you to eat healthier too.

Here are a few reasons why your number one priority should be to dine at a table:

We Eat Better

Did you know that if you dine at a quality table, you’re more likely to make healthier decisions when it comes to your food? When we’re on the go, busy or distracted by technology, we’re much more likely to eat unhealthy junk food. Studies show that those who opt for dining at a table tend to eat more nutritionally balanced meals.

Being ‘mindful’ about what you’re eating is important. Sitting at a dining table, you’re more likely to pay attention to your food and savour what you’re eating. You’ll also eat slower than if you’re sat in front of a TV or glued to your smartphone, which means you will digest your food better.

We Can Switch Off

Protecting your evening dining table time means that you always have a window to stop and relax. Use mealtimes to de-stress from the daily grind. Take the opportunity to talk, share thoughts, discuss ideas and show support for each other. Put your smartphone away and use the dining area as a digital-free zone; this is increasingly being seen as an effective way to manage wellbeing.

If you have children (or even if you don’t!), you could turn mealtimes into a fun occasion by suggesting different discussion topics on certain days. Spending dinnertime together at a table is a great way to create an enjoyable new routine too.

So, the next time you plan your evening meal, why not eat altogether at a quality dining table? And, if your current dining chairs are uncomfortable or lacking in style, then why not consider buying some new ones?

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